Conversion of Gun Heaven Mosin Nagant M44 carbine to real wood stock

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Conversion of Gun Heaven Mosin Nagant M44 carbine to real wood stock

A few weeks ago we got our hands on two genuine 1944-1948 Russian Izhevsk made M44 carbine stocks. Almost instantly a customer approached us to ask if we could use his existing CO2 Gun Heaven model for the first conversion. The build specification was to keep as much traditional furniture as possible whilst maintaining functionality.

This will include using a lot of traditional parts, a few custom made ones, laser engraving new external markings and a bit of creative genius on the new parts to battle wear them and blend them all in. We will also need to modify the stock heavily to accept a few of the airsoft components...Not an easy job. These stocks are not cheap and we do not want to butcher it. The whole message given by the client was to do it right regardless or cost or timescales. Therefore taking our time and ensuring perfection is crucial. 

We're now a few weeks down the line and have spent a fair amount of time exploring the best options for the build and the full extent of the works involved. This job really for those best suited for techs with a passion for authenticity and Ash is the man for the job, having created everything from WWII period special forces Sten guns to another current project creating a rifle from an artificial leg. 

Over the coming weeks we will be ordering the remaining components to complete this build and starting to make solid progress. Throughout we will post updates of the progress. We would love to know your thoughts and feedback. Make sure to comment!

- Nick 

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