Tokyo Marui NGRS Service

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Our Tokyo Marui NGRS Service is perfect all Recoil owners. We recommend every 12 months to maintain your rifle and keep it in tip top condition for skirmishing. This service is tuned towards the NGRS platform specifically and will make your rifle more reliable, significantly quieter and more economical. 


  • Hop rubber
  • Airlab's Sorbothane Pad (absorbs excess energy therefore protecting your gearbox shell and corrects AOE increasing piston durability, and helping to reduce the sound produced).
  • Airlab Lonex cylinder head milled to take the sorbothane pad for AOE correction.
  • Shims

This service includes all labour required to complete task within the price. Additional upgrade parts are available on request, labour to will be charged additionally at £22.00 per hour.


  • Strip rifle down and clean / degrease all gearbox parts.
  • Inspect all components (we will notify you if parts are perished or need to be replaced).
  • Re-shim gears
  • Polish piston rails
  • Correct angle of engagement
  • Re-grease the gearbox and recoil system
  • Polish barrel, clean hop unit and replace hop rubber.
  • Rebuild rifle
  • Set motor height
  • Test and chrono before completion.

Upon completion you will receive a tech sheet and your original parts.

*** If you would like us to install a Prometheus piston during the service, please contact us on 01691 700 101 for pricing. ***